Fantastic You,

Are you looking for how to make your life work for you? 

... Because you know that the eternal race in the hamster wheel and the fight against problems can't be all?

Because you know there has to be more to life than just surviving?

Welcome to Pragmatic Psychology!

 Welcome to tools and new perspectives
to find out what is true for you.

Pragmatic Psychology, founded by Susanna Mittermaier, is not about making you "normal" or telling you what is "right" for you.
What if there was nothing wrong with you?
What if you were the biggest expert on your life and living?
Pragmatic means doing what works.
Instead of looking at problems and figuring out why they are there, we ask:
What are the possibilities behind the problem or difficulty?
What resources and skills do you have that you can use now?
This different approach invites you to access your knowing so you can create the future you desire.

Are you willing to be crazy happy?